Sunday, March 30, 2008


I've been spending some time printing recently. It's nice to revisit these dusty old techniques and feel like I'm in college again. It's even nicer to finish printing and ride a bike out to a little remote place and watch the sun set on the bay and be reminded that sometimes reality is total radness.


Anonymous said...

See here

Heather Anastasiu said...

Very cool prints and ideas. I love this site by the way,and that you update more regularly so I can feel more connected to you on a regular basis. Amanda said I should could call you too (whats your number, by the way?), better than emailing. Seeing Davey made me miss you too. HOpefully next summer, D and I are going to do a big roadtrip all over the west coast visiting Califonia too. Hugs! Heather

Anonymous said...

See Please Here