Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Internet ghosts and a drawing inspired by a crazy awesome link that Bob Spertus sent me. People on two wheels are moving everything.

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Searching_For_Beauty said...

Love seeing your art thoughts on here, and bits and pieces what you are up to. Mom called and told me you called and told her that you and Emma are planning to come and stay for a week!!! Gosh, you haven't even seen my new digs yet - well, we have this whole big extra room that you guys can stay in, semi-comfortable futon and all. And Joseph! You last saw him when he was a baby, baby - I think you'll find him a lot more fun now - just this little person running around. Let me know what dates you are thinking when you are firming up the plans. I'm SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!! AND MEET EMMA!!!!!!