Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the lobot show at space 1026

From the top:
An installation shot with Nate Crane's Pyramid up front, Nathaniel Russell on the side, and my wall piece in back.
Inside the pyramid, a collaboration with Nate, Jon Schroeder, and I.
Shots of the wall install with details.
Basically we were stoked. It was an awesome reunion as well as an art show.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Searching_For_Beauty said...

This is super cool man. I love getting to see more pics of stuff you are working on. Blogs make me feel connected, though I think you should write more text so I can further be engaged in your life, even if in a passive reading way. I'm going to college again! Next Spring I'll start my MA in Lit at Texas State! I just need to email you, or call you. I'm missing you all of the sudden. I don't even know if you ever check these comments to know I'm checking out your site regularly. Hmm. Will email. Hugs, cutie brother.